No-No’s in Wedding Invitations

Wedding InvitationsWedding invitations are important documents that let certain people know that they are valued enough to warrant an invite to one of the most important events (if not the most important event) in your life. This is why it is worth watching out for these major no-no’s in wedding invitations:


The very first thing that you should do is check that everything on your  wedding invitations  is spelled properly. Be especially attentive to the names of the recipients. The last thing you want to do is to misspell the name of your boss or your grandma on the invitation.

Sending invitations too early or too late

Send the invitations too early – three or four months before the wedding – and people may forget to reply or even attend the wedding. Send them in too late – a week or two before the wedding – and the recipients may not have the time to attend. This is why it is recommended you send in those invites three to five weeks in advance.

Over and under-ordering invitations

Good wedding planning will tell you how many cards you need done. This will allow you to conserve your resources so that you can send the most attractive and interesting wedding invitations without spending too much time and money in the process.

Not providing enough postage

The worst thing that could happen is to mail your invitations only to have them come back to you a week later because you did not pay enough postage. It is imperative that you have your mail weighed and checked before leaving the post office otherwise you may end up underestimating the amount you need to pay.

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