Tips for “Targeting” Your Print Ads

Advertising is an essential part of business. It lets people know what your enterprise is all about and brings in potential customers to your doorstep.

The problem, however, is making sure that your ads reach the right people. The last thing you want to do is have nobody react to your expensive print-ad campaign. So without further ado, here are a few practical tips to help you better target your ads to maximize their effect:

Study the ad campaigns of your competitors

Why start your ad campaign from scratch when you can start by analyzing the ads of your competitors? Take note of the images, words and art styles used in their print ads and you’ll have a good starting point to launch your own print ad campaign.

Collect the demographics of your target population

You can start with the usual demographic categories of age, gender, education, occupation and income levels. You can then move to more specialized categories relevant to your enterprise, including but not limited to: civil status, languages, mobility, car ownership, home ownership, employment status etc. These will help you paint a clearer picture of your target audience.

Find out where and when your target population congregates

Now that you have an idea of who you want to market to, the next step is to identify locations where you can find them bunched up. Where do your local students hang out on weekends? How about elderly citizens? Retired military veterans? Professionals in the IT sector? Professionals in the health sector? Find out where and when they mass up and your print ads will reach out to more instead of less.

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