Freebies: How to Make Them Valuable Instead of Disposable

Free items like mugs, pens and handbags advertise your business and help build brand loyalty in your existing clients. This is assuming, however, that the items you hand out are actually going to be used and not locked up or even thrown away by their recipients.

So without further ado, here are a few tips to help ensure that the freebies you hand out are going to do their job of advertising your business and building brand loyalty:

Start with occupations

A person’s job will often tell you a lot about his or her needs and wants. More importantly, though, it will tell you how a freebie could meet or utterly disregard the needs and wants of the recipient. Political correction aside, a cheap ballpoint pen might be a valuable asset for a blue-collar worker but a disposable item for an executive officer of a multinational company. Identify the recipient’s job and you will have an easier time finding freebies that will be relevant to him or her.

Make the packaging special

The results of aforementioned example with the ballpoint pen can be reversed simply by altering the way you give it to the said executive. Instead of handing it over like a bare toothpick, you could wrap the freebie up in a way that it appears more special than it really is. This may take more time and effort on your part but will dramatically increase the attractiveness of a freebie.

Keep these tips in mind and your freebies will end up appreciated and promptly utilized – helping you build brand loyalty and advertise your business in the process!

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