How to Make People Actually Read Your Brochures

Have you ever picked up a brochure because of the pretty pictures and then dumped it right back into the tray? This is not the reaction you want from people visiting your office, clinic or establishment. These tips, however, will make people much more likely to actually read and react to your brochure instead of just trashing it right away:

Start by addressing a pressing need

The pretty pictures we talked about earlier should nab people’s attention, but you need to dig deeper to actually hold that attention long enough to work with it. This is where your expertise comes in. What do your clients or customers want or need? Incorporate this into the opening lines of your brochure and you’ll get people to hold it for longer than five seconds.

Tempt them with a tiny morsel

People are by nature curious when it comes to free and exclusive stuff. Offer them discounts, advance notices or exclusive invitations to get them to turn the first page of the brochure. Even the promise of extra information that could help them one way or another is enough of an incentive to get them to read.

Provide information that is useful

This blog post is the perfect example of this concept. We provide a little information that is useful for you, our existing and potential customers, and you decide whether we are worth your time or not. This goes for your brochures: provide information that they can use – or even pass along if possible – and you get them to spend a few minutes leafing through your brochure.

One last thing : make sure to use words that are easy to understand. You will want people to read your brochures without wracking their brains, which is why jargon and model numbers are best left in the manuals.

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