Stat Crunching: How Do You Know if Your Print Ads Are Working?

Print ads can offer a great return on income or they can be an invisible liability that costs more than it brings into your business. Here are some tools you can use to check whether your print ads are working or not:

1. URL Links – if you operate a web-based business, make sure to assign a unique URL that links to your website. This will allow you to check how many people actually respond to your print advertisement.
2. 800-numbers – this works very well with the above tool, although you will need to hire a call-tracking company to evaluate how well your ads perform. This makes 800-numbers more ideal for larger advertising campaigns.
3. Coupon codes – these are great for enticing people to try out your services and to evaluate how many people will respond to a print advertisement. Try to make the coupon code easy to remember and reflective of your business. Pull-off or cut-out coupons are also great for walk-in establishments.
4. Customer Feedback – simply asking where people found your business is a pretty good way to keep track of the efficiency of your print ads, but all your ads. You can either interview the customers or offer a brief survey for them to fill out.

Three Essentials of a Compelling Print Advertisement

A print ad leaves you little space to work with, whether you want to craft a simple black-and-white flyer or an elaborate glossy brochure. These tips will help you make the most of that limited space:


  1. Revolve the Ad Around a Single Sentence – using a single sentence to summarize the intent of your ad will help you out immensely during the planning and design phase. You’ll at least have a solid idea what you want to do before you actually start doing anything.
  2. Use Pictures and Colors to Tell a Story – remember that single sentence you prepared earlier? Using pictures and colors compresses a lot of information into bite-sized chunks. This allows people to know what your print ad is about in just half a second – perfect for focusing their attention to the details of the advertisement.
  3. Emphasize the Benefits to People – once you have people’s attention, it’s time for you to get their interest. You can only do this if your ad provides information about how your products and services matter in people’s lives. Don’t focus on selling or promoting features. Always bring it back to benefits and you’ll make people want to get in touch with you.

Keep these tips in mind when designing your print ad and you’ll come up with one that will more likely grab people’s attention and then their interest!.