Landmark Print: ” What Are The Different Kinds of Print Ads Out There?”

Print ads are a great way to bring more business your way, but what kinds of print ads do you have at your disposal? Here are some of the more common ones you can use for a wide variety of purposes:

Flier – Fliers are these one-page sheets of paper that can contain text and pictures. These are often printed in bulk and handed out randomly , but they can also be posted up on common areas like bulletin boards or even walls.

Brochure – Brochures are like fliers except they consist of more than one page and contain substantially more information than their one-page cousins. Brochures can vary in quality from a single piece folded piece of print paper to miniature works of glossy art.


Booklet – These small books consist of multiple pages, paper covers and lots of information crammed into their small frames. These are typically used for showing clients a wide range of products and services for bulk or specialized orders.

Posters – Large sheets of paper or tarred canvas can pull the attention of an equally large number of people, This is ideal for when you have access to a location where a lot of people pass through or mill about.

Each of these categories have their own sub-categories depending on who you ask, but these four will give you a rough idea of the kinds print ads you can use for your business or institution.

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